+ new_LOrk (NYU Laptop Orchestra) premiering reciprocal response (2023-24) on February 3, 2024 at Reembodied Sound 2024 @ EMPAC, Troy, NY

Music and Sustainability

I explore sustainability in music, focusing on how some compositions endure while others fade quickly. I’m concerned about the social and environmental impact of music creation, including issues like consumption, pollution, and waste. I advocate for educational equity in music and am curious about how musicians can thrive amid challenges in our society, where most of them navigate their own path due to the lack of sustainable solutions from society. This website may offer some valuable insights that I have discovered and wish to share with you.

The video above features a recent performance by new_LOrk (NYU Laptop Orchestra), which I founded and direct. In this performance, my students showcased my new musical system, reciprocal responses (2023-24), utilizing several interfaces from my Music Interaction eXperiment (MIeX) project, which are based on recycled materials.


  • Colloquium at Korea National University of Arts (8/21/2024, 3 PM)

    Colloquium at Korea National University of Arts (8/21/2024, 3 PM)

    I am thrilled to share my work at the colloquium at Korea National University of Arts on August 21, 2024, at 3 PM. The event will take place at the Seocho-dong Campus of KArts. I will be discussing my recent work on micro-sustainability and music-making. This presentation will be in Korean. Although Korean is my…

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  • Joining Colby College as VAP – Fall 2024

    Joining Colby College as VAP – Fall 2024

    Before the summer began, I accepted the position of Visiting Assistant Professor of Music Technology at Colby College, starting in Fall 2024. In this role, I will teach courses in music technology, composition, and theory. Having taught music theory at New York University for some time, this transition marks an exciting new chapter for me.…

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  • Workshop / Performance with new_LOrk at Lafayette College (4/25/2024-4/26/2024)

    Workshop / Performance with new_LOrk at Lafayette College (4/25/2024-4/26/2024)

    I and my laptop orchestra at NYU, new_LOrk, will visit Lafayette College to collaborate with Professor Akiva Zamcheck and his students. I am going to run a workshop on April 25 where we will build a VCO (Voltage Controlled Oscillator) and aim to use it for a collaborative performance on April 26. The program for…

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  • La Semaine du Neuf 2024

    La Semaine du Neuf 2024

    Le Vivier, a Montreal-based organization that facilitates the development of new music and offers presentations of quality works, has invited me to join four days (March 9 to 12, inclusive) of professional meetings and encounters alongside the La Semaine du Neuf 2024 festival as an international presenter. I am very much looking forward to meeting…

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Recent Projects

  • reciprocal response (2023-24)

    reciprocal response (2023-24)

    When I started new_LOrk (New York University Laptop Orchestra), I planned to write a piece that I and my students could play together. I envisioned music that we could freely explore various sonic possibilities, yet still within a musical system where we could listen to each other and share musical ideas. reciprocal response was rooted…

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  • MIeX (Music Interaction eXperiments)

    MIeX (Music Interaction eXperiments)

    In the evolution of technology, various instruments and interfaces have been developed to harness these cutting-edge technologies, yet many fail to endure like their traditional counterparts. While technology attracts attention, its appeal doesn’t guarantee sustainability. For the longevity of these creations, it is imperative to address the fundamental question of why musicians need these new…

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  • Coming Home (2023)

    Coming Home (2023)

    This project is a collaboration with Montreal-based Korean visual artist Jinjoo Yang. My music comprises amplified percussion and electronics. The electronic sounds are created from recorded and processed sounds of percussion instruments such as cymbals, bass drum, gong, and tamtam.

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  • Lo-fi #1 (2023)

    Lo-fi #1 (2023)

    lo-fi #1 is focused on exploring technology and pushing my boundaries to delve deeper, rather than relying on readily available equipment that can be easily purchased on Amazon.

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  • re:toy


    December 11, 2023— Since the last posting, there have been many updates. The most significant update is that there are now several partners who would like to support this project. This is really exciting, and I cannot wait to see how this project will evolve with their involvement. The new partners include: -New York University’s…

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  • Prototype: reciprocal response

    Prototype: reciprocal response

    The cycling (also recycling) idea has been my inspiration for composition for over a decade. Even before the ideas of my dissertation on Franco Donatoni’s musical development of recycled pitch materials, “Yunhoi,” the Korean word for rebirth by Karma—a notion deeply rooted in traditional narratives—has been the core of my creative project quite often. In…

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  • New Venue at Korean Cultural Center New York

    New Venue at Korean Cultural Center New York

    I am thrilled to witness the opening of the new Korean Cultural Center NY building at 122-126 East 32nd Street in Murray Hill, Manhattan. Back in 2014, I had the opportunity to conduct ensemble mise-en at the inaugural MISE-EN MUSIC FESTIVAL at the current space of the Korean Cultural Center (460 Park Ave #601, New…

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Current @ NYU

  • new_LOrk | Fall 2023

    new_LOrk | Fall 2023

    We aim to introduce an innovative approach to laptop orchestras. Our mission is to cultivate a creative environment that prioritizes exceptional audio quality and affordability. Join us for our inaugural matinee concert at noon on December 11, 2023.

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  • Music Theory I | Fall 2023

    Music Theory I | Fall 2023

    We study two main topics: species counterpoint and tonal harmony. We analyze various music pieces ranging from the Middle Ages to contemporary times, using the knowledge gained from the course.

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  • Music Theory I | Spring 2024

    Music Theory I | Spring 2024

    More information TBA.

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  • Streamlined Embedded Development: Raspberry Pi Pico with CLion and J-Link on macOS

    This article will provide a comprehensive guide to building an embedded development environment for Raspberry Pi Pico using CLion and the J-Link debugger tool RTT (Real-Time Transfer) on macOS. I will provide the Ubuntu setup instructions in a separate article. Getting Started with Pico The official documentation by Raspberry Pi Pico provide a general instruction…

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    Streamlined Embedded Development: Raspberry Pi Pico with CLion and J-Link on macOS

  • Utilizing Git and GitHub

    There are many ways to build a development environment on a Linux or Mac machine for developing hardware/software based on Raspberry Pi Pico, and there is no particular way that is the best. However, I found that using CLion and Segger’s J-Link debugger provides a streamlined experience, so I suggest my students try this. No…

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    Utilizing Git and GitHub

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