Moon Ha

composer / performer / researcher

La Semaine du Neuf 2024

Le Vivier, a Montreal-based organization that facilitates the development of new music and offers presentations of quality works, has invited me to join four days (March 9 to 12, inclusive) of professional meetings and encounters alongside the La Semaine du Neuf 2024 festival as an international presenter. I am very much looking forward to meeting many leaders in New Music from around the globe and also reconnecting with Jeffrey Stonehouse, the Artistic Director of Le Vivier, with whom I worked on my pierrot piece “Fairy Tale” about a decade ago.

The festival program can be found at the following link, and more updates will be available shortly:

In particular, I am excited to share my recent research related to sustainability and music at the festival’s March 11 event, which has the theme of “Sustainability and the Environment as Creative Inspiration in New Music,” where I have been invited as a guest speaker.

I will be in Montreal from the afternoon of March 9 to the morning of March 13, and I hope this will facilitate further connections and reconnections.


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