Workshop / Performance with new_LOrk at Lafayette College (4/25/2024-4/26/2024)

I and my laptop orchestra at NYU, new_LOrk, will visit Lafayette College to collaborate with Professor Akiva Zamcheck and his students. I am going to run a workshop on April 25 where we will build a VCO (Voltage Controlled Oscillator) and aim to use it for a collaborative performance on April 26.

The program for the concert on the 26th will include Christian Wolff’s “Stones,” John Cage’s “Radio Music,” a new piece by my student Aiko Matsuda, who is currently a senior Biology major. She will utilize her cell photos and transform them into a graphical score. Additionally, I will present a reciprocal response for laptop ensemble and handmade sound objects. Professor Zamcheck’s students will join us to perform their new pieces, and finally, we will collaboratively perform Earle Brown’s “December 1956” together.


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