Moon Ha

composer / performer / researcher

Coming Home (2023)

4 channel video, amplified percussion instruments and live surround audio

+A screenshot from ‘Coming Home’ (2023), showcasing the preserved collections of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

This project is a collaboration with Montreal-based Korean visual artist Jinjoo Yang.

My music comprises amplified percussion and electronics. The electronic sounds are created from recorded and processed sounds of percussion instruments such as cymbals, bass drum, gong, and tamtam. Additionally, I incorporate handmade oscillators crafted from materials salvaged from my previous projects.

+The oscillators from repurposed materials (prototype).

Percussionist Josh Perry and I had a recording session to create unique sound sources. We experimented by immersing metallic instruments in water, manipulating sounds as Josh played. The results yielded fascinating sounds, sparking my interest in using hydrophones. Although I didn’t have sufficient time to create and experiment with one for this project, I am eager to explore it in future endeavors.


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coming home (2023) square clip